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Ever feel like this? Scared to do what is right?

Ever feel like you have a fresh perspective on the world but the rest of the mice just want you to climb down and be quiet? I’ve been tempted to climb down and be quiet, because I like people to like me, I like being one of the mice. This week I published a book … Continue reading

How One Christian Helped Build the Beast of Political Zionism

The Butterfly Effect comes to mind; the theory that a small change affects other things in a causal chain until a huge effect becomes visible. You have likely never heard of William Hechler, an Anglican clergyman born in 1845. The name Theodore Hertzl, father of Zionism, is perhaps more familiar to you, but we would … Continue reading

Was Einstein an anti-Semite?

What a silly question! How could the poster child for Jewish intellectual superiority be anti-Semitic? It is important to note that Einstein was intimately acquainted with fascism, having fled Nazi Germany in 1933. He knew what he was talking about, unlike Glenn Beck, who comedian Lewis Black says has “Nazi Tourettes.” In 1948 Einstein wrote … Continue reading

25% of world is “anti-Semitic,” 0% of Zionists ask “why?”

I have only one dog in this fight; I personally only know two Jews well and I like them both. I am not anti-Jew; I am anti-Liar. The anti-Defamation League conducted a worldwide survey and concluded that “More than one-in-four adults, 26 percent of those surveyed, are deeply infected with anti-Semitic attitudes.” Hmm, what is … Continue reading