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A rant about conservative hypocrisy

I joke around about being poor, I say poverty is relative. My friends and family say I am alarmingly poor, so perhaps that’s (relatively) true. Do I write about social justice because I envy the rich? NO. I not only wrote about social justice, but worked on the front lines for social justice for twenty … Continue reading

The Truth About Private Charities Caring for America’s Poor

I served as Executive Director of three non-profits helping poor folks in the rural south and I’m going to tell you the truth about private charities caring for America’s poor. Short version: It is a delusional pipe dream. Libertarians like to advocate this so the government can further be reduced to the point it will … Continue reading

Meet a Real Poor Person-William, a Veteran

I worked in social services, both government and non-profit for over twenty years. When I hear right-wingers say such things as food benefits destroy families (lack of food is good for families?) and the unemployed should be punished (for their own good) I realize that they don’t actually KNOW any poor people. They have the … Continue reading

Tax-Funded Welfare: American as Apple Pie

Contrary to claims of small-government fundamentalists, tax-funded assistance for the poor has been carried on in America from colonial days. The anti-poor echo chamber insists that it is somehow un-American for the government to help poor citizens. Shall we let them die? Well, that would solve the problem for good: no poor, no problem-to paraphrase … Continue reading