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You Are Special Just Because You Exist

You Are Great Just Because You Exist The foundation for a decent world starts with the inestimable value of human life. I’m always stunned by the stupidity of those who advocate killing other humans for the “sake of humanity.” Like bombing some nation into democracy-those who survive will be better off, right? (US) Kill all … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with People?

What’s wrong with people: greed, selfishness, violence, wars, lying, and all the rest, is just the over-the-cliff edge of human nature. For example, it is human nature to take care of yourself, but unacceptable to greedily hoard resources beyond what you could ever need, by any means necessary. It is human nature to defend yourself, … Continue reading

NeoCons Rushing off to Meet Death in Tehran

I remembered the story “Death in Tehran” while researching NeoCon philsophy. The story is told by Viktor Frankl in his amazing book, Man’s Search for Meaning.  The connection between the two is the NeoCon slogan, “Real men go to Tehran” which means, “Sure we’re messing around in Iraq and Libya, but war with Iran will … Continue reading

The Neo-Cons’ Suicidal War Fixation

Barry Goldwater lost the 1964 presidential election because Americans thought he was going to get us all nuked. His slogan “In your heart you know he’s right” was countered by “In your guts, you know he’s nuts.” Todays Neo-Cons make Barry Goldwater look like Gandhi. Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History in 1992 and … Continue reading

Masters of the Universe-Long on Cash, Short on Balls

Do you think the global elite doesn’t care what you think? Au contraire. As Michael Parenti says, that’s the only thing they care about you; not if you have food, shelter or any shred of hope-but what are the peons thinking? They are scared of us! I was surprised when, in a video about a … Continue reading

Morally Reasoning our Way through the Fog of War

Pictures of dead babies greatly upset us-that is one of the noble things about human beings. If you research the history of war propaganda, you will find that dead babies will effectively churn people’s moral outrage into high gear. When Germany invaded Belgium in WWI, claims were made that German soldiers were impaling babies. Damn … Continue reading

A Brief History of False Flag Operations

  Most of us have been the victim of false flag operations as kids. Our sibling or the class jerk did something rotten and blamed us for it.   As it turns out, kids become adults and some become leaders and try the same stunt. In fact, whole groups of adults sit around and plan … Continue reading