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We Humans are Inventive Little Buggers

When you were a kid did you build things? Like throw a sheet over a table and call it your tent? Or pile branches against a tree trunk and call it your fort? We humans build things, don’t we? We’re always scoping out the resources, finding a sheet of cardboard and saying to ourself, “Self, … Continue reading

Geek Tribes

How is your week going? Good, I hope. This week I learned that Geeks, the Wizards of the Modern Age, still form tribes, which is apparently the default form of social organization. Although we moderns think we abandoned tribes long ago, I realized as I study history that we have not. We still form a … Continue reading

We are all tribal

You may have noticed references in passing news stories that tribes are still very important in the identities of people in say, Libya or Afghanistan. Tribal chieftains still settle conflicts in tribal councils and tribes form alliances and war with each other. It is always interesting to see how different societies structure themselves and would … Continue reading

How GREED destroys societies-and always will

History is written through the political prism of the writer. Thus when Rousseau wanted to prove that man in a state of nature was good, free and equal he offered up primitive societies, about which he knew almost nothing, as an example. Hobbes, on the other hand, wanting to prove that man in a state … Continue reading

Conspiracy Theories and the Collective Unconscious

Following 9/11 and the crash of 2008, the Conspiracy Theory Industry, naturally enough, went into high gear. I say “naturally enough” because it is quite normal for human beings to seek an explanation for major disasters, and quite normal for them to do so by consulting with one another. Jared Diamond, in his study of … Continue reading

Our Tribe-we get by with a little help from our friends

Nobody knows when humans became fully human, which I define as that point when  some mysterious light went on in their soul and they began to wonder, to imagine and to know right from wrong. Just for round numbers, let’s say that happened 100,000 years ago. For 90% of the time since then, humans lived … Continue reading

Tribal Raids of the One Percent

Human beings want, above all, to stay alive. Surely this is understandable and accepted as true by any human being reading this, and of course, only human beings are reading this. We understand this because we personally want to stay alive. In Catholic high school they taught us that it was, in fact, our duty … Continue reading

Who Belongs to Your Tribe?

After spending 90,000 years in tribes, we humans still carry tribal characteristics and probably always will. One essential characteristic is identifying fellow tribe members-who belongs to your tribe? This was a life and death determination. Is that individual part of the family, a potential trading partner or is he an existential threat? You may say, … Continue reading

The Natural State of Man

Many older philosophies start out with the natural state of mankind. The trouble was, they didn’t know diddly about the natural state of mankind but went on to build elaborate narratives on a foundation of marshmallow fluff. Thomas Hobbes famously said that the natural state of mankind was a “war of all against all” and … Continue reading

Property as Theft: Where Did Private Property Come from?

  Proudhoun’s assertion that “property is theft” falls apart from the get-go: Unless property existed in the first place, what was stolen and from whom? Look closely and you will see that protection of private property is the sacred engine driving most of our laws. How did this glorification come about and who benefits? A … Continue reading