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Old Boots, Melting Snow, Half-Frozen Mud: Press On

Ever notice that literature from different countries has different flavors? Playful, arrogant, romantic, soaring, flowery, practical? Russian writers have a certain flavor and one from which I think we can glean an important message about the human spirit, namely: How do you go through hell-and keep on going? An excerpt from their revered poet Pushkin: Each day, … Continue reading

How Russian women helped win WWII

In my historical studies I came upon an assertion that the Russians had actually won WWII at the massive battle of Stalingrad. Battle of Stalingrad? Never heard of it. This is a good example of my theory that most of the history we think we know is basically “propaganda with footnotes.” So what happened in … Continue reading

So who won World War II?

If your education in history was as pitiful as mine, you can answer this question easily. The Allies won WWII, and especially America. Who were the Allies? We might get a little fuzzy on that one; let’s see, Great Britain was involved, France dropped out kind of early-but mostly America! If not for America, we’d … Continue reading