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The Lighter Side of Marx, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin?

  So you question my including Karl Marx in this list? Well, you are right. Compared to the others, Marx was a pussycat, a dusty philosopher. Is it a philosopher’s fault if readers take his words and run with them to the killing fields? After all, they have done the same with Jesus’ words. Marx … Continue reading

Why Did Stalin Make Doodles of Wolves?

Do you ever doodle to pass the time in long meetings? If so, you have something in common with Joseph Stalin, who liked to draw wolves on scraps of paper and then color in the backgrounds with red. What do you think that means? (I asked a couple of 20-somethings who said, “Who is Joseph … Continue reading

How Russian women helped win WWII

In my historical studies I came upon an assertion that the Russians had actually won WWII at the massive battle of Stalingrad. Battle of Stalingrad? Never heard of it. This is a good example of my theory that most of the history we think we know is basically “propaganda with footnotes.” So what happened in … Continue reading

Pigeon poop on the statue-politicians make crappy gods

Are you amazed when you see images of mourners at the funerals of Stalin or Kim Il- sung genuinely and totally devastated by their loss? Are you surprised at clips of massive rallies of the faithful weeping in joy and cheering in unison for brutal dictators? From Nazi Germany to Communist China to Imperial Japan, … Continue reading

USA: The Incarceration Nation Beats Stalin

I started, as usual, with a perfectly innocent question: “How bad was life in Russia for a “regular” person under Stalin?” Pretty bad, I presumed, let me find some numbers. I figured a particularly damning number would be what percent of the population was in the gulag system at the close of the Great Purge? … Continue reading