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What One Little Person Does about Racism

We’re all prejudiced; that is, we all pre-judge based on appearance. Lots of us recognize this human tendency in ourselves and acknowledge that such judgments are often wrong. That’s not racism. Racism is DNA=Destiny. “Race” carries moral, physical and social inevitability. You can spot this when people say, “All Anglos ____” “Blacks all ____” ┬áMexicans … Continue reading

My Perky “Spanish” Daughter

To raise a biracial child in Deepsouth is to live in interesting times. Recently a customer left a note for my daughter’s employer, praising her excellent customer service skills. A brief excerpt:”A very perky young Spanish girl took my order…this young lady was amazing. She was one of the best servers I ever met…she was … Continue reading

The KKK and I

I thought everyone knew people in the Klan. No? I lived in a very rural North Florida county with (literally) more hoofed mammals than human beings. Several prominent citizens were known to be KKK, and some not-so prominent. My black Board president had not one, but two crosses burned on his lawn. He showed me … Continue reading