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Mean Streets of Pleasantville

You might think the 800 souls at Pleasantville are all sweet old Christians. Ha. Actually, there are some of those. And there are alcoholics, drug addicts, perverts and sociopaths as well. I shouldn’t have been surprised…after all, we’re all different and we can be good or bad depending on how the day’s going, or even … Continue reading

The Law of Inevitable A**holes

How’s your week going? Good, I hope. As a former missionary, I try to avoid profanity (with mixed results so far.) Profanity is so over-used that it loses its punch. So I save F-bombs for when I’m really outraged (and then I repent.) The word A**hole pops up so frequently that I began to study … Continue reading

Empathy: I feel you, my friend.

Admit it: If we demonstrated empathy for each other, it would be the end of war and injustice. Scientists say we are born with empathy, so what is wrong? If you have empathy (basically, I ¬†feel you) you cannot imagine any human being who has none. Yet scientists tell us that four percent of the … Continue reading