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Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars We erect monuments to the men (almost always men) who have, according to the ruling powers, advanced their cause. Their cause has not always been honorable, it has, more likely, been selfish and they twist the story to fit their agenda. This is the ‘history’ we are … Continue reading

Death by Cop-A Personal Story

I’m getting sick of folks denying, minimizing and rationalizing death by cop. “He pointed a taser at police, what were they supposed to do?” “He was shoplifting and ran. What were they supposed to do?” “One little incident and now outside agitators are making fake riots.” Let me tell you about a recent personal incident. … Continue reading

On the Current “Riots”

On the Current ‘Riots” In 1968 I watched the news and black folks were marching, carrying signs and the policemen were knocking them down with fire hoses and sicking dogs on them. “Why are they doing that?!” I asked “Because they are marching.” “But you can march and carry signs. That’s not against the law.” … Continue reading