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Revolution: Meanwhile, back at Che’s hideout

In studying revolutions, I was quite surprised how much they argued-with each other! In a previous post I mentioned the Mountain Chihuahuas. Since then, possibly because I have no life, a hyperactive imagination, or both-I’ve been wondering what happened to the Mountain Chihuahuas since then. How is the Revolution going? Do they meet in secret … Continue reading

What’s Really Going On: Ukrainian Fascists are the Real Thing

To the poor misgoverned people of the Ukraine, I’m sure this circus is not the least bit funny. The western-instigated Orange Revolution (late 2004-2005) gave the people hope that their kleptocratic leaders could be ousted and peace and prosperity would descend. This is the eternal hope of naïve revolutionaries-remove the bad guys and good guys … Continue reading

King Dick-fire in the minds of squirrels

You say you want a revolution? I made this free flip book just for you! -from Slightly Snarky Picture Books for Grownups. Enjoy! (I wanted to do this as a picture book for little kids, but they said King Dick demanding nuts for taxes would cause too many giggles) Click here for free King Dick … Continue reading

Fire in the Minds of Men: Revolution and the Spiritual Impulse

Some rail against religion while simultaneously promoting their personal ideology with notably religious zeal. Beware of “religiology” a blend of politics and the spiritual impulse, it tends to produce violence on an industrial scale. Politics is about power. Whether a religion adopts a political emphasis like the Catholic Church during the Roman Empire and Middle … Continue reading

Politics and Morality: Karl Marx

Karl Marx (1818-1883), like John Locke, Jeremy Bentham and John Stewart Mill, was a product of the Enlightenment. Both Marx and Mill were committed to basing politics on a scientific theory and the freedom of the individual. Yes, Marx also wanted to free individuals-from exploitation by the elite into a classless, stateless society. It is … Continue reading

Religion, Politics and You

Once again, the news today is full of death and destruction resulting from “sectarian” and “ethnic” conflicts. Sectarian and ethnic cooperation is not news. In studying history, I have often been struck by the similarity of political movements to religions. An excellent and appropriately passionate summary of these similarities can be found in the book … Continue reading