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Hey, Let’s Elect an Actor in Chief

Hey, let’s elect an Actor in Chief! Instead of Peace Prizes we could give out Presidential Oscars. This morning a nice lady posted a photo of Reagan on Facebook kissing an American Flag. She said, “I just want a president who loves America.” I commented, “Or a good actor?” My daughter fussed at me for … Continue reading

Political Morality: Three Kids and One Big Cookie

Political morality is simply about sharing power; or, in the case of political immorality, NOT sharing power, i.e. domination by a privileged few. We are born with a sense of justice, or fairness, as shown by the fact that as soon as we can string a sentence together, we are heard to say, “That’s not … Continue reading

Pigeon poop on the statue-politicians make crappy gods

Are you amazed when you see images of mourners at the funerals of Stalin or Kim Il- sung genuinely and totally devastated by their loss? Are you surprised at clips of massive rallies of the faithful weeping in joy and cheering in unison for brutal dictators? From Nazi Germany to Communist China to Imperial Japan, … Continue reading