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Free Comic Book for Beginning Readers. Topic: Racism

I realize we don’t discuss racism with beginning readers; unless we ourselves are flaming racists parents, that is. I hate racism, which is the conviction that one “race” is superior to all others. Suspiciously, holders of this belief always choose their OWN race as the superior one. You never heard a racist claim that some … Continue reading

On the Current “Riots”

On the Current ‘Riots” In 1968 I watched the news and black folks were marching, carrying signs and the policemen were knocking them down with fire hoses and sicking dogs on them. “Why are they doing that?!” I asked “Because they are marching.” “But you can march and carry signs. That’s not against the law.” … Continue reading

What One Little Person Does about Racism

We’re all prejudiced; that is, we all pre-judge based on appearance. Lots of us recognize this human tendency in ourselves and acknowledge that such judgments are often wrong. That’s not racism. Racism is DNA=Destiny. “Race” carries moral, physical and social inevitability. You can spot this when people say, “All Anglos ____” “Blacks all ____” ┬áMexicans … Continue reading

“Biracial” in America: I’m Black and White and I’m All Right

Guaranteed laugh: Tell a biracial American kid “It sure is swell that racism is extinct in the USA.”

Racist Imperialism: Eeeow-where’s we get that idea?

I try to only post pretty encouraging stuff on here, so if this subject is too heavy for you, feel free to skip this. However, it is animated and has its funny moments. ­čÖé   On Youtube

Tribes, Gangs and Staying Alive

For over three years I lived in the ghetto, right across the street from Bee’s Mansion, a magnificently crumbling crack house. I moved there on purpose as a missionary to work with disadvantaged kids. I could not have been less qualified, I thought. I was white, a Yankee and raised on a farm. I didn’t … Continue reading

Racism-the deadly tribal hangover that still afflicts us

Racism was behind the rise of genocidal fascism in Japan and Germany and the deaths of 60 million human beings in WWII; 2.5 percent of the population of the entire world. Racism was behind the hideous genocide in Rwanda in 1994 in which 800,000 were slaughtered in three months, wiping out 20 percent of the … Continue reading

Haunted by Mary Turner

Maybe its because the bridge where they murdered Mary Turner is close to where I live. Maybe its because of the palpable racism that still simmers here in Deepswamp, Georgia. Maybe its because my biracial daughter was the same age as Mary Turner when she was so brutally slain. In 1918 right here in Brooks … Continue reading

My Perky “Spanish” Daughter

To raise a biracial child in Deepsouth is to live in interesting times. Recently a customer left a note for my daughter’s employer, praising her excellent customer service skills. A brief excerpt:”A very perky young Spanish girl took my order…this young lady was amazing. She was one of the best servers I ever met…she was … Continue reading

He had a dream-’twas a good dream

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.-Martin Luther King When I taught a pilot class in horticulture at a high school in the Florida panhandle, they told … Continue reading