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Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail, Chapter 2/7

In the last post I mentioned Phillip and the eight year-old boy inmate in the little orange jumpsuit. They haunt me to this day. At the privatized kid jail, the priority was to make money. I have nothing against making money, but my priority was to do a good job, which supposedly was rehabilitating the … Continue reading

Horrors of Privatization: Stories from the Kid Jail, Chapter 1/7

Privatized Kid’s Jail: Phillip I once worked as a counselor in a privatized kid’s jail. Yes, we are such an incarceration nation we have jails-lot of jails-for kids. I remember my pre-employment tour of one of the company’s jails. The trainer opened a door and there sat about ten smallish kids in orange jumpsuits. Surprised, … Continue reading

Property as Theft: Where Did Private Property Come from?

  Proudhoun’s assertion that “property is theft” falls apart from the get-go: Unless property existed in the first place, what was stolen and from whom? Look closely and you will see that protection of private property is the sacred engine driving most of our laws. How did this glorification come about and who benefits? A … Continue reading

Turning America into Chile

Crushing socialism, dismantling the welfare state, “freeing” the markets, privatizing social security-the economic policy changes in Chile following the U.S.-sponsored coup by Augusto Pinochet sound like a far-right wet dream. And how did that work out? The “other 9/11” was September 11, 1973 when a right-wing military dictatorship overthrew the government of democratically-elected leftist Salvador … Continue reading