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The Ugly Side of Private Property

For most of human history land was not owned by anyone in particular; it belonged to the tribe; or more accurately, the tribe belonged to it. The bones of ancestors were buried in the same earth from which everything necessary for life-food, water and shelter was provided. “What is this you call property? It cannot … Continue reading

From Starving Artist to Landless Peasant

Self-pity is an ugly thing, but I may have slipped into it for a few hours yesterday. I go for a walk every day to find something beautiful to paint in Deepswamp, GA, but yesterday I was evicted from the woods. Finding something beautiful to paint in St. Augustine, Fl was easy. Same for when … Continue reading

Property as Theft: Where Did Private Property Come from?

  Proudhoun’s assertion that “property is theft” falls apart from the get-go: Unless property existed in the first place, what was stolen and from whom? Look closely and you will see that protection of private property is the sacred engine driving most of our laws. How did this glorification come about and who benefits? A … Continue reading