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A drunken bum was sleeping on the church lawn…

This is a true story. 🙂 One Sunday, arriving a bit early at church, we saw a bum sleeping right on the front lawn, cap pulled over his face, booze bottles scattered around. We walked past him into church. “We have to say something to that guy,” I told my husband. “He’s sleeping, he probably … Continue reading

Sir Lord Chauncey Twitass Has a Dream

Sir Lord Chauncey Twitass is my archetypal name for all the upper class twits who live so high above the unwashed masses, they would get nose bleeds if only they had hearts to pump blood that high. Sure, Sir Lord Chauncey is an obnoxious Ahole but he is still a human being and has dreams, … Continue reading

Sermons I’ve Never Heard on Tithing

I actually calculated that I’ve heard over 2,500 sermons, which should have covered just about everything. However, pastors are just human beings and they have their human assumptions and traditions and blind spots, just like everyone else. One popular subject for sermons is tithing. You should give one-tenth of your income to the church. Lots … Continue reading