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Painting the National Mood: “Blue Crab” (Optimism)

A defining characteristic of Americans is their optimism. As a nation of immigrants, perhaps optimism was necessary to leave everything you knew and set out on a hazardous journey to who-knows-what. We can imagine that the pessimists stayed behind, assuming any change would be a change for the worse. I spent over a week painting … Continue reading

Fox News: How Fear Makes You Stupid

Let’s say a huge angry bull escapes from the livestock auction and blasts into your backyard-(this actually happened to me when I lived on a farm.) It is quite appropriate to stop contemplating Plato’s Republic, scoop up the kids and dash for the safety of the house. The fight-or-flight system kicks in; digestion halts, heart … Continue reading

My Philosophy? Principled Pragmatism

As I talk to people from around the world, I see many floundering around in moral outrage. Moral outrage is a good thing-it motivates us to do better. Moral outrage seeks the villain-communists, socialists, capitalists, Russians, Republicans-somebody to punish. But it is often misinformed and misdirected with disastrous results. I debate these things with Libertarians, … Continue reading

Karma vs. Dogma: Thoughts on Evolution from a Christian

When some perpetually angry types find out I am a Christian, they accuse me of being a flat-earther, an evolution-denier and a slave to an imaginary sky god. This is atheist fundamentalist dogma. I don’t like dogmas, they are limiting and well… stupid. I deliberately run over dogmas with my karma. First: evolution. I have … Continue reading

Fatal Flaws of Tea Party and Libertarian Philosophy

When the US was hemorrhaging jobs after the Crash of 2008 and foreclosed families were living in tents, I predicted that protest movements would arise. They always do when a critical mass of citizens can no longer see how they can survive, never mind thrive. The Tea Party sounded good for a few minutes, but … Continue reading

Foundations of Liberty?

When we say there is a foundation of liberty, we mean that there is an unquestioned source for our rights. Our rights are ours by birth, simply because we are human beings. This is in agreement with the early Christian church, which clearly taught that we are all God’s children and therefore equal in dignity … Continue reading

Religion, Politics and You

Once again, the news today is full of death and destruction resulting from “sectarian” and “ethnic” conflicts. Sectarian and ethnic cooperation is not news. In studying history, I have often been struck by the similarity of political movements to religions. An excellent and appropriately passionate summary of these similarities can be found in the book … Continue reading

Do-It-Yourself Conspiracy Theory

Make your very own conspiracy theory! Just fill in the blanks, using the suggestions below or draw from your own fevered imagination. (Inspired by Political Research Associates) In order to understand (World, economy, what happened to your paycheck, weather,) you need to realize that everything is controlled by a (tiny cabal, a world-wide network) made … Continue reading

My Quotes

It’s not very self-effacing of me to enjoy my own quotes anymore than it’s cool of me to laugh at my own jokes. Yet I intend to go right on doing both. Here are a few quotes: He who comes to the battle of wits unarmed runs away yelling “Poopypants.” The Divine Right of Kings … Continue reading