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Blessed are the Creatives

Blessed are the Creatives, the artists, poets, musicians and writers. Obviously, “blessed” does not mean the same thing as financially rewarded, but then I never met a Creative who would trade creativity for whatever skills, say, an accountant needs. Patience? Love of detail? Pleasure in perfect sums? Yesterday I was playing with paintings I made … Continue reading

Be Creative-now climb into one of these boxes…

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Are you a Creative? An artist, poet, musician, or a writer? “Creative” is a pretty big sandpile to play in, so I don’t feel too bad asking the question. But then every Creative I know also needs to eat and pay the rent, just like everyone else. … Continue reading

Is the Bible True? Part 1: Daffodils

Seems like a simple question, but for some reason it generates enough heat to power a continental electrical grid. What do we mean by true, anyway? Since the 1700s, we have adapted new standards for “true.” We now mean true according to historical and scientific standards, in other words, standards which we ourselves invented to … Continue reading

Come just as you are

The Sufi poet Rumi makes me smile and his lines below reminded me of two things simultaneously: 1. The song we sang in church, “Just as I am”…(Oh lamb of God, I come) 2. I also thought of a pastel I made of a little girl, sans clothing, running through a field at sunrise. Didn’t … Continue reading

The Lighter Side of Marx, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin?

  So you question my including Karl Marx in this list? Well, you are right. Compared to the others, Marx was a pussycat, a dusty philosopher. Is it a philosopher’s fault if readers take his words and run with them to the killing fields? After all, they have done the same with Jesus’ words. Marx … Continue reading

In an age of cement and steel, what need for poets?

This is the age of science, of steel — of speed and the cement road. The age of hard faces and hard highways. Science and steel demand the medium of prose. Speed requires only the look — the gesture. What need then, for poetry? Great need! There are souls, in these noise-tired times, that turn … Continue reading

Grey sea, grey sky two things are bright…

Grey sea, grey sky two things are bright; the gull-white foam, the gull, foam-white. -from poem by John Hewitt