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Just finished the book…need Advil

How have you been? Good, I hope. Have you ever started a project and thought it would take a few days and three months later… I kept thinking “I’ll finish today…OK, so I’ll finish tomorrow”…I hope I didn’t relapse into workoholism, the only addiction heartily approved of in the USA. Of course, when you finish … Continue reading

In the Midst of Life that Wants to Live

Sometimes I stumble upon a quote that is so so simple, profound and beautiful, I can’t get it out of my mind, like this one by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965): Schweitzer was a polymath, theologian, philosopher and physician who decided that he would devote his life to…Life from the age of thirty on. He set up … Continue reading

What do you want to do tonight? I know, let’s do philosophy!

Words you will never hear: “What do you want to do tonight?” “I know, let’s do philosophy!” “Great, let’s invite the neighbors!” I don’t blame people. The father of modern philosophy, Rene Descartes, said, “There is nothing so strange or so unbelievable that it has not been said by one philosopher or another.” Rene set … Continue reading

Poor Nietzche

Let me be perfectly clear: Freidrich’s Nietzche’s philsophy sucks. Moving right along: Friedrich Nietzche was a German philosopher and culture critic who died in 1900. He is probably best known for his statement that “God is dead” and his concept of the “will to power,” which was quite popular as a worldview among the Nazis. … Continue reading

The Lord of the Beasts (the entire book for free)

On Amazon The Lord of the Beasts-free to read here, copyright 2014, other use by permission. Just click on the link below 🙂 THE LOBemailversion  

The philosophy of truth: I read this stuff so you don’t have to

I see a lot of sneering references to the ignorance of an opponent in social media, and in the oh-so-fun comments from readers of controversial articles. “When did ignorance become a valid position?” “Just because you deny a fact doesn’t make it untrue.” It is interesting to note that Americans are very bad at argument … Continue reading

Two cups of coffee and a deep philosophical discussion-part 1

          You know, I think evil doesn’t exist as a thing by itself, I think it is a good, twisted. Oh no, are we going to talk philosophy? Yes, it’s the price you pay for a cup of coffee. O.K. go for it. So I suggest that evil doesn’t exist as … Continue reading

Science and Magic

I would say I have always loved science, but since I’m talking science, I need to define my terms. What I mean by science is the powerful urge to discover new things about the natural world. By this definition, babies are dedicated scientists, grabbing new items and putting them into their mouth, because their lips … Continue reading

Will You Ride with the Lord of the Beasts?

The internet repair dude has been out here twice because it was disconnecting for a few seconds in any given minute. Two repair visits, no improvement, so they gave me a new modem. It is much more consistent now.   Now the internet only connects for a few seconds out of any given minute-so if … Continue reading

I am not a Number

A recent article “What’s a Human Being Worth?” gave me hope that we may finally be seeing that the basis of morality is the value we place on a human being. Our society has placed a low value on human beings, especially human beings who are unlike us in some way-skin color, perhaps, or different … Continue reading