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Small Wonders

Mockingbirds-Painting by Je’ 11 X 14, gouache We often take small wonders for granted, just because they are so small and common. One small, common wonder around here is the mockingbird. I was sitting on a bench at sunrise recently, when a mockingbird landed nearby and began his routine, issuing perfect bird calls of every … Continue reading

Three Minutes of Sanity

Just a reminder: Relax, the world is going to keep spinning and beauty is all around you.

Underwater Magic

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Seriously. I’m moving websites soon and they tell me I can stay in touch with all of you. I certainly hope so. I’m moving because WordPress puts ads on here and I have no idea what they say, but I fear they may be as classy as … Continue reading

Christmas Eve in the Woods

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂 This is a true story; best when shared.  

The Woman in the Water

While we in the West insist on dividing stories into “historical fact” and “superstitious nonsense” neither category is as airtight as we would like to think. As a Christian, I am not about to start worshipping nature deities, but I agree with those Christian literary geniuses J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis: stories passed on for … Continue reading

In the Garden: Why not a hummingbird hat!?

In my quest to find something wonderful in my tiny garden every day, yesterday was easy. A hummingbird visited a sunflower, shining green, wings beating so fast they were a blur. “Oh, you beautiful thing,” I whispered. I had the same urge as I had when I observed bejeweled tropical fish in the wild, the … Continue reading

Beauty Passing Swiftly By…

Pastor Pat, who was a farmer before he was a preacher, once said, “If the world seems dark, if life stinks, if you feel like you are always going in circles-try taking your head out of your butt.” I know it’s not the kind of sermon you might hear in a fancy church, but Pat … Continue reading

In the Garden: Today’s Wonderful Thing

In my quest to find a wonderful thing every day in my tiny 10 X 25 garden plot, I was somewhat disappointed that for the first time, no dragonflies were around. The Annual Dragonfly Convention must be in session somewhere deep in the swamp. Then I noticed that one of my tomato plants was skeltonized-chomped … Continue reading

Escape from the Imaginary Gulag

Aren’t our imaginations wonderful things? To travel through space and time in our own imagination, to see the beauty in a raindrop clinging to a leaf in early spring, to feel the cold mist on our face kicked up by a deep forest waterfall-just by looking at a picture. But our imagination is a double-edged … Continue reading

The Magic Barn: Spirituality and Nature

Here I go again. A friend called me to his home to lecture me about giving things away for free. He correctly pointed out that I am relatively poor (“poor” is always a relative term.) I promised him that I would try to reform and sell stuff, so here is my happy compromise: I am … Continue reading