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Funny the things we remember…

Yesterday was my grown son’s birthday and I wanted to express to him, somehow, what a plus he has always been in my life. I thought back to the day he was born and a strong image of the view out my hospital window filled my mind’s eye. He was born in Hickory, N.C. at … Continue reading

Surprised by dogs long dead

I have been working on a painting for the next Magic Barn book about the piglets, who were very rebellious and often escaped and roamed about, though their mother was frantically calling for them to come back. I added the banty hens, the cat, the hollyhocks and morning glories and what the heck, why not … Continue reading

The Magic Barn: First Time We Met

The magic barn is gone now, but it loomed on the hill behind the farm house for over 100 years, covered with the snows of 100 winters, rising darkly out of the mists of over 100 foggy autumn mornings. When we moved to the farm I was three years-old and the magic barn was the … Continue reading