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But What About the Money?!

But What About the Money?! Hilarious satire in The Onion yesterday, in which Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke was giving a report to congress in the midst of this pandemic. “The U.S. economy ceased to function this week after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in … Continue reading

It’s about Love: Christian Humanism

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Do you have a label? Or do you find, like David when they dressed him in Saul’s armor, “Hey, this doesn’t quite fit-take it off?” I have said I’m a Christian Freethinker, but I got yelled at for that, “Christians can’t be freethinkers, freethinkers are atheists, like … Continue reading

From Rotten Rat to the Apostle of Love

Saul of Tarsus was a bystander at an atrocity; an approving bystander. When the Pharisees stoned Stephen to death, Saul held their cloaks and cheered them on. “Way to go, kill the infidel.” You may know Saul as Paul the Apsotle, his name after God knocked him off his horse on the way to Damascus … Continue reading

On Healthy Boundaries: Saying “No”

How is your week going? Good, I hope. I’m always honored when a young person asks my advice, especially on something as personal as relationships. So when it happened yesterday, I was careful to listen much and speak little, since I know so little. I may only know two things about relationships: If you love … Continue reading

What a Difference Love Makes

The last time I visited my seven year-old grand daughter Madeline, she dragged me into her room, as usual, so we could swap secrets. She pulled out a little photo album I had given her with excerpts from my (then) unfinished book, The Magic Barn. “I take this out all the time and look at … Continue reading

Jews and Arabs Refuse to be Enemies

Two days ago I saw a little news blurb about a priest in Palestine who told his Muslim neighbors that “If your mosque is blown up, use our church for your prayers.” This made me smile, this sounds like a real Christian. Today the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies has gone viral with photos of Jews and Arabs…refusing … Continue reading

Somebody liked you while you were sleeping

My internet went down last night, so I told the computer to defrag itself and went to sleep. This morning the internet returned and I discovered I had a “like” on the blog. I thought, “How nice, someone liked me while I was sleeping.” This thought triggered a memory. My Pop used to check on … Continue reading

What is the Most Effective Program? Love

These are a few pics my daughter posted on Facebook today. For thirteen years she has been helping disadvantaged kids and doing a much better job than I did back in my day. I remember a non-profit director from Boston who said, “They ask me what is the most effective program. I tell them programs … Continue reading

Surprised by dogs long dead

I have been working on a painting for the next Magic Barn book about the piglets, who were very rebellious and often escaped and roamed about, though their mother was frantically calling for them to come back. I added the banty hens, the cat, the hollyhocks and morning glories and what the heck, why not … Continue reading

Labors of Love

I just finished about 300 hours of work on a labor of love; a picture book starring my three grand daughters as the princesses of Tiny Landistan. “It’s not good enough,” I kept rebuking myself and starting over on the art. Yet I am not a usually a perfectionist-perfection takes too long. Why was I … Continue reading