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Remember This. This is Life.

My father was the son of a Polish serf. I don’t know if we humans really have a collective unconscious memory of things our ancestors experienced, but I suspect we have something like that. We still find a campfire relaxing, even if it’s just in a living room fireplace, we still like waterfront homes, even … Continue reading

In the Midst of Life that Wants to Live

Sometimes I stumble upon a quote that is so so simple, profound and beautiful, I can’t get it out of my mind, like this one by Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965): Schweitzer was a polymath, theologian, philosopher and physician who decided that he would devote his life to…Life from the age of thirty on. He set up … Continue reading

Mother Nature Sends Her Love

Today’s wonderful thing in my garden was so tiny-it was a heart-shaped loop of cucumber tendrils. But it was wonderful just the same, and here is why: I once had lunch with a handsome atheist. “I don’t believe in God,” he told me. “Yes, you told me.” “I believe in Father Time and Mother Nature. … Continue reading

One Easter morning, on the beach

Several years ago, when I was living four minutes from the beach, I thought it would be cool to go and watch the sun rise. Lots of churches have sun rise services outdoors and the congregation huddles on folding chairs and listens to a sermon and sings happy songs. I always thought we should sing, … Continue reading

What we have here is a failure to communicate

For a whole month I have been battling to use the internet, due to God only knows what connection problems. I say God only knows, because the tech support guy apparently does not. He came once, twice and then I got a new modem. It is now worse than ever and to get this post … Continue reading

The Magic Barn: Christmas Eve

I was eight years old that Christmas eve. We were not going to church and that was O.K. with me, because I found it hard to behave for a solid hour. But I had this strange inner urgeā€¦to do something. Christmas Eve. They said Jesus was born in a manger with animals around, so where … Continue reading

Walking in the Forest, Looking for the Truth

I had made this walk before. This time, like every time, I noticed new things. The light was slanting through the trees and hitting things which were shaded last time. More leaves had come out, covering some objects that were in plain view last time. I saw deer tracks in the sand, from the size … Continue reading