Lao Tzu

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Trump: The gold-leafed plastic flamingo

Monument to Trump’s Make Atlantic City Great Again fail. The sculptor was never paid and it’s too heavy to move.  I was watching “Trump, An American Dream” on Netflix. The episode about his manic casino building in Atlantic City was interesting, because there is young Donald, bragging about how his will be the greatest and … Continue reading

The Road of Life Winds Upward

How is your week going? Good, I hope. 🙂 According to cognitive researcher George Lakoff, we think in metaphors; it is the only way we can think. Life as a road, a path, a way is a metaphor we instantly grasp. The Bible says, “The road of life winds upward for the wise…” and sometimes … Continue reading

Hey-We Found You a Boyfriend

“Hey, we found you a boyfriend,” my daughter announced brightly. I’ve heard this one before. “Uh huh, and who is it, some local Duck Dynasty-type?” “No, the electrician!” Now the electrician had just left and I enjoyed talking with him as I enjoy talking with almost everyone. “He’s married.” “He is?” “Yes, please upgrade your … Continue reading

The Mandate of Heaven: American-Style

Ah, the Chinese, who can understand them? Far away, isolated and ancient-how could a Westerner, aka foreign devil, ever truly grasp their inscrutableness? When Confucius came along around 500 B.C., China was already old. Confucius was a reformer, a political philosopher who said such things as, “They must often change who would be constant in … Continue reading