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Political Morality: Three Kids and One Big Cookie

Political morality is simply about sharing power; or, in the case of political immorality, NOT sharing power, i.e. domination by a privileged few. We are born with a sense of justice, or fairness, as shown by the fact that as soon as we can string a sentence together, we are heard to say, “That’s not … Continue reading

Is it Fair? Does it Work? And work to do what exactly?

I suggest two minimal criteria must be applied to any given proposal: 1. Is it moral? 2. Does it work? I have written a lot about morality, by which I mean fairness and consideration for the dignity and value of all human life. Without an insistence on morality, or fairness, the proposal under consideration will … Continue reading

My Philosophy? Principled Pragmatism

As I talk to people from around the world, I see many floundering around in moral outrage. Moral outrage is a good thing-it motivates us to do better. Moral outrage seeks the villain-communists, socialists, capitalists, Russians, Republicans-somebody to punish. But it is often misinformed and misdirected with disastrous results. I debate these things with Libertarians, … Continue reading

USA: The Incarceration Nation Beats Stalin

I started, as usual, with a perfectly innocent question: “How bad was life in Russia for a “regular” person under Stalin?” Pretty bad, I presumed, let me find some numbers. I figured a particularly damning number would be what percent of the population was in the gulag system at the close of the Great Purge? … Continue reading