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Jesus, Jihad and Jewish Genocides

“Read the Quran’” they told me. So I did and found it repetitious and contradictory. “Ah” they said, “That is because you have to read it in Arabic and have it interpreted by experts.” Experts? WHICH experts? As a student of ancient literature, I find these conditions very fishy-a classic setup for establishing men, fallible … Continue reading

Jews and Arabs Refuse to be Enemies

Two days ago I saw a little news blurb about a priest in Palestine who told his Muslim neighbors that “If your mosque is blown up, use our church for your prayers.” This made me smile, this sounds like a real Christian. Today the hashtag #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies has gone viral with photos of Jews and Arabs…refusing … Continue reading

How One Christian Helped Build the Beast of Political Zionism

The Butterfly Effect comes to mind; the theory that a small change affects other things in a causal chain until a huge effect becomes visible. You have likely never heard of William Hechler, an Anglican clergyman born in 1845. The name Theodore Hertzl, father of Zionism, is perhaps more familiar to you, but we would … Continue reading

Real History versus the Mainstream Morality Play

Real history is always more complicated and interesting than faked history, but faked history is mostly what we are offered. How can you tell the difference? Faked history reads like a morality play. There are shining heroes and dastardly villains (the dastards!) a conflict between good and evil and a satisfying ending. Since it is … Continue reading