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Ideas that propel history

History is Propaganda with footnotes.-Je’ I’ve been watching the History of Western Civilization. Often such documentaries make me cuss mentally because they are so full of propaganda, but this series is not too bad. The speaker has a dry sense of humor and he said burning people at the stake for ideas is evil, but then … Continue reading

5 Weird Facts about the Founding Fathers

1) The Father of our Country never fathered any children of his own, though he raised Martha’s kids from her previous marriage. He had a favorite white horse named Norman and a brother named Lawrence, which makes Lawrence the Uncle of Our Country. 2) Patrick Henry, who famously said, “Give me liberty or give me … Continue reading

Marx had it wrong, but probably not the way you think

Many people in the west think they know all they need to know about communism. It’s bad, evil and “bloody.” After sixty years of constant anti-communist propaganda, what is left to know? Right-wingy news pundits cut out little tails and pin them on their cartoon donkey labeled “Communism” and the public responds like Pavlov’s dogs: … Continue reading