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Tonka Trucks and Imperialism

Tonka Trucks and Imperialism When I was a pre-schooler, my beleaguered mom dropped me off at some church nursery. I guess she wanted to go shopping without chasing my adventurous fanny down the street. I was content because the church had a room full of toys, including a Tonka truck, those glorious metal beauties. As … Continue reading

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars

Destroying Statues and Loot Thy Neighbor Chimp Wars We erect monuments to the men (almost always men) who have, according to the ruling powers, advanced their cause. Their cause has not always been honorable, it has, more likely, been selfish and they twist the story to fit their agenda. This is the ‘history’ we are … Continue reading

Truth About Iran They Don’t Want You to Know

(Those are Iranians? OMG, they looks just like people!) We Americans are fed fake news from all sides. Since we all have enough crap of our own to deal with, we might just swallow the lies and move on. I certainly have done this. Who has time and energy to dig down through the layers … Continue reading

Why Panic if Space Aliens Land?

Why Panic if Space Aliens Land? Supposedly, the existence of space aliens would cause mass panic on earth. I have tried for years to understand why this panic would take place. After all, the probability that other life exists in the universe is high; indeed life is everywhere present, but that’s not what seems to … Continue reading

Racist Imperialism: Eeeow-where’s we get that idea?

I try to only post pretty encouraging stuff on here, so if this subject is too heavy for you, feel free to skip this. However, it is animated and has its funny moments. 🙂   On Youtube

Unasked Questions: Is what we are doing moral? Is it right?

We have to ask ourselves when studying history: 1) Who wrote it? 2) Why did they write it? 3) Whose voice is not being heard? For example, in Latin III we translated Julius Caesar’s Gallic Wars. As a straightforward military-type, his language was considered simple enough for stumbling third year Latin students. Few would question … Continue reading

Neanderthals-Looking Better Every Day

The changing image of Neanderthals makes me laugh. You see, we have yet another prejudice called Presentism-the conviction that we are the epitome of humankind and our ancestors were ugly, dirty, and to paraphrase a certain philosopher, “nasty, brutish and short.” Years ago, Neanderthals were depicted by scientists as hairy and apelike, with scraggly hair … Continue reading

Tribal Raids of the One Percent

Human beings want, above all, to stay alive. Surely this is understandable and accepted as true by any human being reading this, and of course, only human beings are reading this. We understand this because we personally want to stay alive. In Catholic high school they taught us that it was, in fact, our duty … Continue reading

Meet Cecil Rhodes: Poster Boy for Imperialism, Father of the NWO

Cecil Rhodes was not the only obnoxious imperialist generated by Victorian England, but he is definitely a candidate for poster boy. Besides all the nastiness he accomplished during his lifetime, he left his fortune to further his worldview through such present-day organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations and other such global-elitist groups still accomplishing … Continue reading

The Gory, Inglorious Roman Empire as Role Model

Our history books extol the Roman Empire: the aqueducts! The buildings! The wealth! The power! The glory that was Rome; tragically destroyed by barbarians. Alternatively, according to your personal agenda, destroyed by bread and circuses-the supposed Roman welfare state, or by Imperial Overreach-spreading their forces too thinly across the “civilized” world. If only we could … Continue reading