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A rant about conservative hypocrisy

I joke around about being poor, I say poverty is relative. My friends and family say I am alarmingly poor, so perhaps that’s (relatively) true. Do I write about social justice because I envy the rich? NO. I not only wrote about social justice, but worked on the front lines for social justice for twenty … Continue reading

Blingism: A Do-it-Yourself Bible Doctrine

We Christians are aware that other people pick and choose among Scriptures to create their doctrines, which we declare to be wrong if they don’t agree with the doctrines we have constructed from our own gleanings. Considering that the Bible is an anthology of sixty-six books including history, poetry, wise sayings, and prophecy, there is … Continue reading

Hobby Lobby may go to hell

Full disclosure>I am a disgruntled former employee. An employee who is gruntled may have a different opinion. 🙂 Hobby Lobby is a chain of over 400 craft stores built on the Wal-Mart model. Like Wal-Mart, they compete with Chinese imports and use their volume to put smaller stores out of business. Unlike Wal-Mart, they claim … Continue reading