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What’s Wrong with People?

What’s wrong with people: greed, selfishness, violence, wars, lying, and all the rest, is just the over-the-cliff edge of human nature. For example, it is human nature to take care of yourself, but unacceptable to greedily hoard resources beyond what you could ever need, by any means necessary. It is human nature to defend yourself, … Continue reading

Ideas that propel history

History is Propaganda with footnotes.-Je’ I’ve been watching the History of Western Civilization. Often such documentaries make me cuss mentally because they are so full of propaganda, but this series is not too bad. The speaker has a dry sense of humor and he said burning people at the stake for ideas is evil, but then … Continue reading

We Humans are Inventive Little Buggers

When you were a kid did you build things? Like throw a sheet over a table and call it your tent? Or pile branches against a tree trunk and call it your fort? We humans build things, don’t we? We’re always scoping out the resources, finding a sheet of cardboard and saying to ourself, “Self, … Continue reading

Simple, Beautiful, Profound

I cannot say it better than this. Made by young human in Iraq.  

Who put the empty milk carton in the fridge? Hitler!

What could be more natural than blame-storming? You notice something is wrong and you try to figure out who is to blame. Someone put an empty milk carton in the fridge and here I am with a bowl of cereal and no milk: Who did it? When you find who did the wrong thing, you … Continue reading

We Get By with a Little Help from Our Friends

Just a true story that happened yesterday which illustrates that most human beings are pretty decent. From my brother, Mark: “The Buzzard, an old friend of mine, came by the apartment, helped me take the old battery out of my car, took me to the parts store and bought another battery for me. We got back, … Continue reading

I Want My Crayons Back

When Queen Elizabeth asked her economists why none of them saw the crash of 2008 coming, they were taken aback and didn’t answer for a few days. Then they said that they had had a “failure of imagination.” You would think, then, that economics majors would be required to take some art classes so they … Continue reading

I promise you, this is an encouraging story

I promise you this is an encouraging story-just bear with me. Haiti experienced a devastating earthquake in 2010, which killed 200,000 people in an already poverty-stricken country. Many kind people donated money, which seems to have been peed away by the kleptocrats, as usual. This man lost several family members and has moved to a … Continue reading

Art Versus Politics

Art is seeing through and making what we see visible to the rest of humanity. Politics is the process of power-sharing (or not sharing, as the case may be.) You can see that art may be a threat to politics. I used to be surprised that repressive regimes quickly arrest the artists, then try to … Continue reading

Triumph of the Human Spirit: Symphony in Hell

Do you like music? Who doesn’t? I find great music a bit overwhelming myself. I once went to hear the London Symphony and had to leave at intermission, I was so overwhelmed by that much beauty. In my defense, I wasn’t the only one in the audience crying like a baby. In WWII, Germany invaded … Continue reading