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Being Poor in America

“Hey, come to the store with me,” my 20-something visitor said brightly. “You go ahead, I’m working on a project,” I answered. “No, I need you to come with me,” she said. I knew she had been going through a hard time and sometimes we just like to have another human around, so I put … Continue reading

A drunken bum was sleeping on the church lawn…

This is a true story. 🙂 One Sunday, arriving a bit early at church, we saw a bum sleeping right on the front lawn, cap pulled over his face, booze bottles scattered around. We walked past him into church. “We have to say something to that guy,” I told my husband. “He’s sleeping, he probably … Continue reading

A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast

A banker, a mechanic and a homeless man sit down for breakfast in a crowded diner. The banker is on his way to a meeting and seldom eats in diners. The mechanic eats there every day and the homeless man raked someone’s leaves and got enough money for a meal. They order ten pancakes and … Continue reading