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History: Propaganda with Footnotes

History: Propaganda with Footnotes We define civilization as an organized society with writing. An organized society with oral history is therefore uncivilized. It’s pre-historic, you see, no matter how sophisticated it may have been. History is what is written and historians quote ancient writings and subsequently each other to provide accurate history. I like history, … Continue reading

Brushed by the Wispy Wings of History

If you live long, and I hope you do, you will look back and realize that history has now and then brushed by you with wispy wings. When I was a little girl, I used to visit Aunt Sarah. Back then, kids could wander around town in safety because we all knew each other and … Continue reading

Don’t Mess with Cossack Women

Cossack-the word means “free man” and feisty independence has always been an ethnic trait of Cossacks. An eastern Slavic (Russia/Ukraine) people, Cossacks served as fighters for various rulers, but then tended to fight their sponsors if they got too controlling. As you can imagine, this has led to a long, stormy and interesting history. One … Continue reading

History: But what were the regular people up to?

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a regular person, say, when the Roman Empire fell? I do, because all empires fall-100%-and so the American Empire will fall, too. How is it to be a regular person during those changing times? As far as I can tell, regular people were … Continue reading

Old Boots, Melting Snow, Half-Frozen Mud: Press On

Ever notice that literature from different countries has different flavors? Playful, arrogant, romantic, soaring, flowery, practical? Russian writers have a certain flavor and one from which I think we can glean an important message about the human spirit, namely: How do you go through hell-and keep on going? An excerpt from their revered poet Pushkin: Each day, … Continue reading

Save Thousand$-Go to Yale for Free

How is your week going? Good I hope. I had to tear out the shower thing today and I’m all worn out. I don’t understand it, I went to the gym twice, why am I not in good shape? 🙂 Have you heard of Yale Open Courses? They are 40 minute videos of actual classes … Continue reading

Is the Bible True? Part 1: Daffodils

Seems like a simple question, but for some reason it generates enough heat to power a continental electrical grid. What do we mean by true, anyway? Since the 1700s, we have adapted new standards for “true.” We now mean true according to historical and scientific standards, in other words, standards which we ourselves invented to … Continue reading

Men Try Heels for First Time: History and Hilarity of High Heels

“You need to wear heels with that outfit.” “Who says?”   Why distort your feet? Why walk around on stilts if you’re not a circus gymnast? Who invented these torture devices? Cave men? So women couldn’t run away from them? This bad idea, like so many others, started with the aristocracy. Aristocrats would be unmasked … Continue reading

Ebola Comes to America: Don’t Panic

I first wrote this article a month ago. Having studied the history of epidemics at Yale Online (WHY would a sane person do that?) when the latest Ebola outbreak occurred I felt like those rare times in school when I actually had the answer: “I know this one!” Original article updated: America is a nation … Continue reading

Real History versus the Mainstream Morality Play

Real history is always more complicated and interesting than faked history, but faked history is mostly what we are offered. How can you tell the difference? Faked history reads like a morality play. There are shining heroes and dastardly villains (the dastards!) a conflict between good and evil and a satisfying ending. Since it is … Continue reading