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Why “Government”? The Deal

About ten thousand years ago, folks started farming as a survival strategy. Why move around chasing ripening food stuffs which may not even be there, risking travel hazards, predators and extinction through clan starvation? Some brilliant ancestors figured out that seeds could grow food right by the hut and this food could be stored to … Continue reading

The Inevitability of the State-Why Anarchism Doesn’t Work

I confess a certain fondness for anarchism*-each person free to choose their own way-very appealing. And just look at the evil that states have perpetrated down through the centuries, invading, raiding, enslaving, deceiving, murdering, and exploiting. Once again the ID the Devil fallacy comes into play: If we can just pinpoint the source of evil, … Continue reading

King Dick-fire in the minds of squirrels

You say you want a revolution? I made this free flip book just for you! -from Slightly Snarky Picture Books for Grownups. Enjoy! (I wanted to do this as a picture book for little kids, but they said King Dick demanding nuts for taxes would cause too many giggles) Click here for free King Dick … Continue reading