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Pope Francis is the real thing

I attended a top-notch Catholic high school on a scholarship. Our teachers were nuns with PhD’s, some Jesuits with advanced degrees and my Latin IV teacher was a Rhodes scholar. When people say Christians are anti-science or anti-education, I have to laugh. We had the best-equipped science lab I have ever seen in a school … Continue reading

What Can One Person Do?

How is your day going? Good, I hope. I have this theory that if every day we do one little good thing, several billion good things will be done daily and that will actually change the world. This was a lot easier for me when I ran charities. The opportunities for doing a good thing … Continue reading

In Praise of Billy Graham

  “God loves you. He wants you to come home to him, right now, just like you are.” This was the simple message Billy Graham preached all over the world to millions and millions of people; and the people came, right then, millions of them. Billy Graham was a simple man and this was his … Continue reading