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There Must be Something More

In that twilight portal, as you pass from dream-world to day-world on a beach at sunrise, stiff breeze, wild-flying hair or still hill at midnight, stars ablaze in the dome of the sky Millions upon millions, away and away…   They are so far away…what you see is their past, they say. Maybe they are … Continue reading

Lord of the Beasts-Chapter Three

Long, long ago our ancestors sang of one who was the Source of all life. They called him the Lord of the Beasts. Book available here They rode in darkness until the moon rose, and then Colban could see shiny ribbons of rivers and dots of lakes far below. They were traveling far, far beyond … Continue reading

Bonfires, Drums and Dancing-Heck, Yeah

Right now I’m supposed to be working on a marketing plan, but my inner Kokopelli says do this instead. Last night while I was teaching my class-Fine Arts for Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back-and doing my standup philosopher routine, my students started smiling. I had hit a nerve. I said that we Americans don’t … Continue reading

The Lord of the Beasts-Chapter Two

Excerpt from latest book, available here $8.99 All chapters will be posted. The Lord of the Beasts laughed quietly, and that laughter shocked Colban more than anything that had happened so far. The Lord of the Beasts laughs? “It is hard to stop thinking, is it not?” the Lord asked. Forgetting his usual bravery, what Colban really … Continue reading

The Lord of the Beasts-Chapter One

Excerpt from latest book, available here $8.99 Colban followed the blood trail, stopping now and then to squint through the green, looking for the tell-tale smear of red. There, that way. He passed around a massive oak and pushed through thick bushes that sent up a spicy fragrance from their bruised branches. Here, sticky red on … Continue reading

Wall Street as the Belly Button of the World

You may have heard of the Oracle of Delphi and dismissed it as a curiosity from our silly past. The cave where the prophetess got her messages from Apollo was thought to be the omphalos, or the belly button of the world; i.e. the spot where the material world had connected to the spiritual world, … Continue reading

The Magic Barn: Spirituality and Nature

Here I go again. A friend called me to his home to lecture me about giving things away for free. He correctly pointed out that I am relatively poor (“poor” is always a relative term.) I promised him that I would try to reform and sell stuff, so here is my happy compromise: I am … Continue reading

What is the Best Religion?

Apparently this question is often googled, which implies that the spiritual impulse has not departed from the soul of human beings, but human beings now feel that they have choices in how to express it. But then what is religion? If you google that you come up with many variations, most reflecting a western idea: … Continue reading

The Magic Barn: Christmas Eve

I was eight years old that Christmas eve. We were not going to church and that was O.K. with me, because I found it hard to behave for a solid hour. But I had this strange inner urge…to do something. Christmas Eve. They said Jesus was born in a manger with animals around, so where … Continue reading

The Bible, Truth and Our Current Foolishness

I see arguments about why the Bible isn’t “true” all the time. Supposedly some people interpret the Bible literally and conclude that the world was created a few thousand years ago and the events in Genesis, for example, occurred in chronological order just as described, in seven literal days. These people are supposedly a threat … Continue reading