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But What About the Money?!

But What About the Money?! Hilarious satire in The Onion yesterday, in which Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke was giving a report to congress in the midst of this pandemic. “The U.S. economy ceased to function this week after unexpected existential remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke shocked Americans into realizing that money is, in … Continue reading

Plummeting Off the Learning Curve

How’s is your week going? Good, I hope! I’m in the midst of learning new software, which came with a warning: Steep Learning Curve. NO! I don’t want to climb a steep learning curve! I want to have fun. But then, I have kind of divided my life into Fun and Learning Experiences-most of which … Continue reading

Miracles are all around us

Einstein said we can choose to live like nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle. I never had any problem with miracles as reported in the Bible, for example, on the basis of the fact that by definition, God can do anything. Anything. Rationalists say God cannot do anything that defies the laws … Continue reading

Christmas Eve in the Woods

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂 This is a true story; best when shared.  

Plato vs Aristotle: Place Your Bets

If you like to really dig into philosophy, you can do so at the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, but be warned, Aristotle said, “Philosophy can make people sick.” Alternatively, you could watch historian-comedian Mark Steele’s lectures on Youtube, where he laments that most people think of the Monty Python song when they hear Aristotel’s name: … Continue reading

Science says atheists don’t exist

Science says atheists don’t exist, they just choose a different Ultimate Value than others. The god that I hear militant fundamentalist atheists rail against is a big old dude, riding on the clouds with his finger poised over the “Smite” button. They don’t like him. I don’t either. This is the old sky god that … Continue reading

God, Science and the Problem of Evil

This post is in response to a twitter conversation. As you can imagine, it is difficult to discuss deep issues in 140 characters. Obviously what follows is my opinion, but then everything we think is our opinion, so here goes. The contention was that since God cannot be proven by science, God is not real. … Continue reading

Who Me? Confessions of a Lousy Pray-er

I am a very lousy pray-er. My mind wanders during memorized prayers and although I attended a Catholic high school where we prayed before and after each class, over 10,000 prayers in four years, I cannot remember a word of them. In fact, I confess I only prayed sincerely right before a math test. That … Continue reading

God: All-Knowing, All-Powerful AND GOOD?

First of all, I have little respect for theological jargon like omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing.) We labor under the misconception  that we can add “ology” to any word like theos (God) and by magic make it Science, and therefore certain. But I think I understand the problem. It is not that a Supreme Being … Continue reading

Getting a Migraine at a Faith Healer’s Rally

Back in the 1970s I went to a Kathryn Kuhlman rally at a huge stadium, which was packed with 10,000 people. I was a baby Christian and had read some of her books, yet while everyone else seemed to be happy and excited I was busy being analytical and skeptical. I had a seat near … Continue reading