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In the garden: Honeybees and Adam Smith

Today a honeybee was doing her thing in one of the squash blossoms. If you get very still you can hear, all around, soft and low-the “bzzzzzzzz” of the honeybees. Everything is connected in life and honeybees are a good illustration of this. You see, honeybees go about, busy as a…bee and collect pollen and … Continue reading

In the Garden: Today’s Wonderful Thing

In my quest to find a wonderful thing every day in my tiny 10 X 25 garden plot, I was somewhat disappointed that for the first time, no dragonflies were around. The Annual Dragonfly Convention must be in session somewhere deep in the swamp. Then I noticed that one of my tomato plants was skeltonized-chomped … Continue reading

Flying Dragons

In a previous post I mentioned that I was going to fight self-pity by finding something beautiful and amazing every day in my tiny 10 X 25 foot garden plot. The first day I met a dragonfly on the tomato stake and when I said “Hi,” he nodded to me and said, “Wassup?” Because dragonflies … Continue reading