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The Ancient Snake, baby

You may be aware of a persistent rumor that world leaders are actually alien reptiles, an idea widely promoted by David Icke. You can even find Youtube proof  (the most reliable kind of proof 🙂 in videos exposing world leaders: “Did you see it, their eyes changed!”   The Doors expressed the symbolic power of … Continue reading

Remember This. This is Life.

My father was the son of a Polish serf. I don’t know if we humans really have a collective unconscious memory of things our ancestors experienced, but I suspect we have something like that. We still find a campfire relaxing, even if it’s just in a living room fireplace, we still like waterfront homes, even … Continue reading

So here’s a great idea: Machine to Separate Truth from Caca in News Stories

I have come up with an invention for grinding the truth from the caca in news stories: The Truth Grinder. It comes with 5 blades and when you run a story through it, the truth bits come out the shoot and the Caca de Toro (Italian for BS) comes out the tube.     I … Continue reading

The Revolutionary Herb Farmers: “We have enough.”

While studying political philosophies, my mind often wanders back to O’Toole’s Herb Farm. They do not consciously espouse any political philosophy, they are too busy working for that. Political theoreticians do not work; not a single one of the original Bolsheviks, claiming to be doing it all for The Workers, ever set foot in a … Continue reading

Plant a tree under whose shade you will never sit

‘The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit. ‘-Nelson Henderson Greetings! I hope your week is going well! The photo is of Tony and I, taken today. Tony is the sweet gum tree I almost discarded as a weed three years ago, because he had sprouted … Continue reading

In the Garden: Why not a hummingbird hat!?

In my quest to find something wonderful in my tiny garden every day, yesterday was easy. A hummingbird visited a sunflower, shining green, wings beating so fast they were a blur. “Oh, you beautiful thing,” I whispered. I had the same urge as I had when I observed bejeweled tropical fish in the wild, the … Continue reading

In the Garden: Sun and Flower

You probably know that you are not supposed to take photos with the camera aimed directly at the sun. This morning I reminded myself of that rule as I took a photo with the camera aimed directly at the sun. In fact I reached up overhead to take it and snapped wildly. I didn’t have … Continue reading

In the Garden: Cucumbers and lo, the white cockroach!

In my quest to find something wonderful everyday in a 10 X 25 foot garden plot, you might say that finding cucumbers is not wonderful. I mean, it’s a garden, right? You should expect to find vegetables growing in a garden.   Well, I certainly did on my Pop’s farm in Connecticut, with its rich … Continue reading

The Dinosaur in my Garden

I am on a quest to prove that a person can find something wonderful every day in a 10 X 25 foot garden plot, and today’s wonderful thing was a visit from Lord Tortlaroy. Lord Tortlaroy is a local gopher tortoise who either knows it is illegal to bother him or just possesses a whole … Continue reading

In the Garden: Song of the Mocking Bird

This morning’s Wonderful Thing I found in the garden was not precisely IN the garden, but I thought since his song filled the garden, he would still qualify. Mocking birds get up at dawn and sing all day. They don’t exactly have a song of their own, they imitate every song they’ve ever heard and … Continue reading