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Ideas that propel history

History is Propaganda with footnotes.-Je’ I’ve been watching the History of Western Civilization. Often such documentaries make me cuss mentally because they are so full of propaganda, but this series is not too bad. The speaker has a dry sense of humor and he said burning people at the stake for ideas is evil, but then … Continue reading

Wide Open and Free

I confess I like pagans, atheists and anarchists, having adhered to all of those philosophies at some point in my life. I don’t agree with them, but I feel where they’re coming from. It’s about freedom and we all love freedom. The hitch comes when a philosophy doesn’t set you free, but rather boxes you … Continue reading

Foundations of Liberty?

When we say there is a foundation of liberty, we mean that there is an unquestioned source for our rights. Our rights are ours by birth, simply because we are human beings. This is in agreement with the early Christian church, which clearly taught that we are all God’s children and therefore equal in dignity … Continue reading