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Remember This. This is Life.

My father was the son of a Polish serf. I don’t know if we humans really have a collective unconscious memory of things our ancestors experienced, but I suspect we have something like that. We still find a campfire relaxing, even if it’s just in a living room fireplace, we still like waterfront homes, even … Continue reading

Food Karma

Do you like meeting new people from exotic lands? Do you like learning what they eat, what they believe and how they have fun? I do, which is one reason I’m glad we are a nation of immigrants. Without immigrants, we’d all be eating boiled beef and dancing the minuet. Bor-ing. I spent several years … Continue reading

Weight Gain: Blame Your Inner Hunter-Gatherer

There is no evidence that human beings have changed fundamentally in the last 200,000 years. Since we spent almost all of that time as hunter-gatherers, our ancestors have much to teach us about being human. According to Jared Diamond’s The World until Yesterday, tribes were extremely interested in food. They did not have refrigerators or … Continue reading

Very basic survival kit for economic collapse

I’m an optimist who also thinks that fear-mongering makes us stupid, so I try to never add to it. But I’m also a realist and I care about people. The effects of the crash of 2008 were probably more devastating to more Americans than Katrina, but the slow-motion tragedies have not been covered by the … Continue reading

Meet a Real Poor Person-Marisa, a working mom

I only met Marisa briefly. She was an attractive woman with a  shy, pretty smile. She was working long hours at a convenience store and taking care of her 12 year-old daughter the best she could. She wished they could afford to live in a better neighborhood, because her daughter was home alone much of … Continue reading