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Gus Goes Fishing and the Golden Age of America

Everyone seems to think that the best era ever was when they were growing up. Supposedly I grew up in the Golden Age of America, but who knew? I’m sure people didn’t emerge from their huts in the Ice Age and think, “Whoa, it’s freezing, this must be the Ice Age!” Surely a big part … Continue reading

My First Run-In with the Police State at Age Nine

The serious man in the uniform was giving me a lecture, and as usual when I was getting a lecture, my mind was wandering. “How cool is it,” I wondered, “that the game warden’s name is Bob White? Did he become a game warden because he was named after a quail? And isn’t it interesting … Continue reading

Who Says Girls Shouldn’t Go Fishing?

In the old days people thought little girls should not do some things, like go fishing. I didn’t pay any attention to that nonsense and went fishing anyway. I had seen men with fancy rods and reels, but I only had some line, a couple of fish hooks and a can of lively red worms, … Continue reading

Fish Story: 400 lb Largemouth Bass

When I was a kid, I spent any money I got to buy Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. I read them cover to cover, even the funny ads at the end about making money raising earthworms. At that time and in my part of the country, I was the only female present on opening … Continue reading