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Real Difference Between Lefties and Conservatives

My brothers are conservatives; they tell me I am “Left of Mao,” but then they say that about anybody left of…them. This makes for interesting family reunions. They gather in a group and confirm each other’s biases while I torment them with jokes and snark. Since I love my brothers, I have spent a lot … Continue reading

The Croaker Hole

  The Croaker Hole tormented me They said it was right where the smaller river joined the St. Johns And I could see it from my kitchen window They said it was a cold, clear spring boiling up under the warm tea-stained, sluggish waters of the broad St. Johns         They said … Continue reading

Update: The Daisy Staring in My Window

My daughter hung a big metal daisy over the front door window. She didn’t tell me. Me: (Shriek!) …”Oh, it’s a daisy. Why is a freaking daisy hanging in the window?” Daughter: “Hahaha. So nobody can stand on the porch and stare inside.” Me: “But I thought it WAS somebody standing on the porch staring … Continue reading

One Moral Panic after Another

Think of a society as a knitted sweater-a moral panic is the alarm that goes up when something is pulling on a loose piece of yarn. Then alarmists say that something is “threatening the very fabric of society.” It’s all going to unravel, we’re all going to die and we must act now. It really … Continue reading

Why the lower middle class hates the poor and votes against its own interests

Why the 1% demonizes the poor is no mystery. It’s not even that they hate them; they don’t care enough about them to hate them. They just use them to deflect attention away from their pocket-picking. The real mystery is why do lower middle class folks, especially RedState folks, who skate on the ragged edge … Continue reading

How Insisting You Are Right Can Kill You

All humans are believers; we all take important parts, if not all, of our worldview on faith. “Not me, I’m rational, I demand evidence for what I believe,” says the Enlightenment Man. But the Enlightenment Man is no exception. He gets his ideas from authorities; historians, scientists or other human beings, such as teachers or … Continue reading

Fox News: How Fear Makes You Stupid

Let’s say a huge angry bull escapes from the livestock auction and blasts into your backyard-(this actually happened to me when I lived on a farm.) It is quite appropriate to stop contemplating Plato’s Republic, scoop up the kids and dash for the safety of the house. The fight-or-flight system kicks in; digestion halts, heart … Continue reading

From the Heart on Trayvon Martin

The short post below is from a local missionary working with disadvantaged children. I make a conscious effort to keep my FB light and fluffy. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle than others. Catching up on posts from yesterday has left me sad, frustrated, and a little angry. I’ll be taking a break for a … Continue reading

Guns and Penises

The hysterical gun control debate is so deeply irrational that it is obvious something rising up from the dark recesses of the lizard brain is going on. Yet, very little research is available on the subject, possibly because the NRA managed to get a ban on research on gun violence. There is no shortage of … Continue reading