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Yesterday, Down on the Farm

Having grown up on a farm, I always felt privileged. Visiting my friends in their fancy houses in the suburbs, I was stricken with compassion (and claustrophobia) by the size of their yards. Why, there was another house right next to theirs! And where could they pasture their pony? And what can you DO in … Continue reading

Christmas Eve in the Woods

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 🙂 This is a true story; best when shared.  

Sex-always a popular subject

Sorry, the most titillating word in this post is probably going to be “titillating.” So what’s with these Germans? Freud, who lived in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich, looked around and concluded that mankind’s biggest problem was a repressed desire to have sex with their parents. I think he’s kinky as a … Continue reading

Growing up Wild

By popular demand I have written and illustrated volume two of The Magic Barn. I thought I was writing it for kids, but adults are buying it. It’s sort of Tomboy Sawyer with a painting to illustrate each short story. I realized that all the stories are from a kid’s point of view and now … Continue reading

Down on the farm, owning the means of production

Machines hate me. They war with me, though I have conquered a few with duct tape and WD40. Duct tape as you know, is like The Force-it has a dark side and light side and it holds the universe together. When the great machine orgy called the Industrial Revolution cranked up in Britain, many people … Continue reading

Turtle Tales: Billy Wolf and the Giant Snapper

Do you like turtles? I do. Most of them. One day I saw my dog, Misty, barking and pawing at a box turtle at the edge the woods. Her nose told her it was alive, but it didn’t seem to have any body parts and this was driving her crazy. Box turtles have a trap … Continue reading

Magic Barn: Hiyo Silver, No Way

I am so old I can remember when no one had a TV and when we first got one. TVs were small and the shows were in black and white and they were just as stupid then as they are now. One show was the Lone Ranger, who was a cowboy in stretchy pants and … Continue reading

Turning Mere Thoughts into Reality

I’m sure we take our cool technology for granted, but today I’m a bit awed by the publication of my book “The Magic Barn” as a real, touchable book in full color. It came from my memory through the air and into reality. That’s pretty magic in itself. The Magic Barn is a collection of … Continue reading

Who Says Girls Shouldn’t Go Fishing?

In the old days people thought little girls should not do some things, like go fishing. I didn’t pay any attention to that nonsense and went fishing anyway. I had seen men with fancy rods and reels, but I only had some line, a couple of fish hooks and a can of lively red worms, … Continue reading