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Releasing Grandma to the Wild

We all need Grandmas-people who believe in us no matter how wretchedly we behave. People who are absolutely, unequivocally, and even unreasonably-on our side. Yesterday was my birthday and the grand kids made it so fun! First, my artist daughter thanked me for making her weird (a good thing, she insisted.) Then my youngest daughter … Continue reading

I Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows My Name

You may remember the TV show “Cheers,” whose theme song contained the line, “I wanna go where everybody knows my name.” Of course we want to go to such a place. And imagine if, when we walk in, everybody jumps up in joy because we have arrived. Well, that doesn’t happen very often, except maybe … Continue reading

The Legend of Jack Napkin

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by grand children, thinking, “Life doesn’t get any better than this…” Maddy age 7: “Neena! You have sweet potato on your fingers.” Me: “Oh, no, whatever can I do?” Maddy: “Get a napkin, silly.” Me: “What is a napkin?” Maddy: “They’re right on the counter. You use them to … Continue reading

Happy Halloween and How is Your Week Going?

Are you dressing up this Halloween? Dressing up is something we humans have been doing for…ever? Way before we started farming anyway. We do it because its FUN. For those purse-lipped Puritans who say Halloween is pagan and should be shunned, I say lighten up and grab any holiday you can. Getting together with loved … Continue reading

Funny the things we remember…

Yesterday was my grown son’s birthday and I wanted to express to him, somehow, what a plus he has always been in my life. I thought back to the day he was born and a strong image of the view out my hospital window filled my mind’s eye. He was born in Hickory, N.C. at … Continue reading

Hey-We Found You a Boyfriend

“Hey, we found you a boyfriend,” my daughter announced brightly. I’ve heard this one before. “Uh huh, and who is it, some local Duck Dynasty-type?” “No, the electrician!” Now the electrician had just left and I enjoyed talking with him as I enjoy talking with almost everyone. “He’s married.” “He is?” “Yes, please upgrade your … Continue reading