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How cool is THAT?

Now and then I run into a nature fact so mind-boggling…I tell you, it shakes my faith in the theory of evolution, which isn’t all that strong to start with. Sure, finches develop different beaks over time in response to their environment, sure animals change color or size or whatever. But Charles Darwin said if … Continue reading

Straining out gnats and swallowing camels-Evolution vs Creation Debate

As a lover of science, a student of ancient texts, and a Christian who was taught both evolution and the creation story in Catholic high school, I am hereby throwing my two cents into the absurd Creation vs. Evolution debate. There are lots of creation stories around the world and they are all wonderful-each one … Continue reading

A Rant on Galileo, Columbus and Bill Nye

Recently a debate between Bill Nye, the science guy, and the dude who runs the Creation Museum was televised. My nephew, an astrophysicist, was asked to comment on this and he said science and religion are coming from different places and the debate was pointless. This sound bite was not used. The debate was not … Continue reading

Karma vs. Dogma: Thoughts on Evolution from a Christian

When some perpetually angry types find out I am a Christian, they accuse me of being a flat-earther, an evolution-denier and a slave to an imaginary sky god. This is atheist fundamentalist dogma. I don’t like dogmas, they are limiting and well… stupid. I deliberately run over dogmas with my karma. First: evolution. I have … Continue reading

The Bible, Truth and Our Current Foolishness

I see arguments about why the Bible isn’t “true” all the time. Supposedly some people interpret the Bible literally and conclude that the world was created a few thousand years ago and the events in Genesis, for example, occurred in chronological order just as described, in seven literal days. These people are supposedly a threat … Continue reading