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What if You are Actually a Brain in a Vat?

If you study much philosophy, you will at some point understand why Athens condemned Socrates to death. Not that he was Corrupting the Morals of the Youth, the formal charge, but that philosophers ask uncomfortable, if not ridiculous, questions. Since I always wanted to be certain, to know, I gravitated to epistemology, that is, the … Continue reading

Hey, is that Chou?

I’m in the midst of writing a book on the history of religious ideas and ran into this quote from a Taoist teacher. We westerners want to KNOW stuff and if we don’t know, we seem to get very panicky. Not so toward the east, and for some reason they make me smile; probably because … Continue reading

“You Don’t Know Jack” is taking longer than I thought

  I know that a lot of you are writers and that lots of people have told you that you are talented. In your case, it’s probably true. But when people tell me that, I think of so many people who are more talented; people who just seem to produce great stuff with little effort. … Continue reading

Epistemology or You Don’t Know Jack

I’m in the middle of my third picture book for beginning readers, in the Critical Thinking Series. This one is on the philosophical question “How do I know anything?” aka epistemology. This is a very important question with a very startling answer. Rene Descartes, the Father of Modern Philosophy, said, “I think therefore I am.” … Continue reading

What is Historical accuracy? Scientific accuracy? Facts? oh my

Welcome! Hope your week is going well! So I am working on the third book in my Critical Thinking series for beginning readers. This one is on epistemology (see, I know the big words) i.e. how do we know a thing? It’s going to be titled, “I Don’t Know Jack.” The fact that I don’t … Continue reading