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Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back

I agree with Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So I teach a class for Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back and it’s always both fun and exhausting. I started out teaching basics: form, perspective, color theory and all that-figured we’d work our way … Continue reading

My Daughter, the Mechanic

My youngest daughter, Mica, shocked me awhile back when she announced, “Don’t yell, but…I’m enrolling in Automotive Technology.” Why would I yell? And who is that inside my head, yelling: “You’re doing WHAT?” It’s not an easy course; the textbook weighs about 80 pounds and she has worked hard and is getting good grades. A … Continue reading

How to fight racism and help some poor kids

I never do this-but here goes! I know this non-profit that has been quietly working in this city since 2000. Having started a couple of non-profits and directed a couple more, I know a good one (and a bad one) when I see it. This is a good one! Maybe too good? I kind of … Continue reading

IQ: Fish vs Monkeys

I supposedly have a high I.Q. yet am perfectly aware that I do dang fool things. What does it mean that a person has a high I.Q. anyway? It means I can do well on tests designed by folks who have designed tests to measure…things at which they themselves excel. My (deceased) brother had an … Continue reading

I Want My Crayons Back

When Queen Elizabeth asked her economists why none of them saw the crash of 2008 coming, they were taken aback and didn’t answer for a few days. Then they said that they had had a “failure of imagination.” You would think, then, that economics majors would be required to take some art classes so they … Continue reading

Who is Responsible for Your Learning? How about TEACH YOURSELF?

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” – Albert Einstein “He is a very smart man. He is an autodidact.” This rare comment was uttered by a man with two PhDs. Have you ever noticed that when a speaker is introduced, they always list for the audience the speaker’s college degrees? Because otherwise, … Continue reading

How gifted do you have you be before they say you are crazy?

Have people ever told you that you are gifted? Do you have a gifted child? What does that mean; and how gifted do you have to be before they call you crazy? I got excited when I watched the movie “A Beautiful Mind.” Based on the true story of the Nobel Prize winner, John Nash, … Continue reading

My Awesome Little Visitor

In my apparent quest to remain a starving artist, I offered to paint a therapeutic helmet for a four month-old for free. The little guy has to wear a helmet for years, and what-I’m going to charge them to make it look cool? No way! It’s a privilege. Mom wanted to do something in return, … Continue reading

It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education – Albert Einstein

Excerpt from The Magic Barn-Growing up wild on a New England farm   Kindergarten was heaven and our teacher, Mrs. Hennesy, was the sweetest lady ever. We finger-painted, made things out of clay, had snacks and went out for recess. I thought this was what school was like-imagine my shock when I went to first … Continue reading

Public Education as Social Engineering

The education of a nation’s young people has been rightly seen as a method of social engineering since Plato’s proposed Republic around 400 BC. Plato saw society as divided into three classes: philosopher-kings (like himself,) warriors to protect the philosopher-kings and everybody else; freemen, merchants and slaves to act as the producers. Forget women; Greeks … Continue reading