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Invisible Hand of the Market and Other Turbo Capitalist BS

Turbo capitalists are fond of quoting Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” while failing to read all of what he said. They cherry pick his “invisible hand” of the marketplace as sort of a transcendent religious doctrine proving that maximum profit at any cost benefits everyone. “Don’t try to regulate business! Don’t mess with the invisible … Continue reading

The Crash of 2008: Save us, O Math Whizzes and Camel Jumpers

Are you good at math? Can you do calculations in your head? Did you get A’s in all your math courses? Then I gaze upon you with the same admiration I feel for the Champion Camel Jumper in a tiny village in Yemen who, and I kid you not, jumped clean over six camels from … Continue reading

Casino Capitalism: Time for an intervention

Now and then some politician or pundit whispers the dirty word, “default.” What if the U.S. defaulted on its debts? Oh no, we would all die! Wouldn’t we? Actually, most nations have defaulted on their debts at some point in history, and some have done so multiple times. They did not die. They lived on … Continue reading

Painting the National Mood: How Art Reflects Current Events

I just realized that as I paint every day, I am painting current events. This has probably always been true from the cave paintings of deer, bulls and horses (not only beautiful, but also yummy) to the self-satisfied, well-fed Dutch merchants painted by Rembrandt. A famous example is “Rain, Steam and Speed” painted by J.M.W. … Continue reading