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Meet the Real Muslim Rage Boy

How would you like to be turned into a meme? To have your photo plastered all over social media, on coffee mugs and T-shirts? Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool. How much will I get in royalties?” Nothing. You will get nothing in royalties. Furthermore you will be presented as the face of evil, the devil himself-and … Continue reading

Why we need to resurrect the D’evil

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” The Usual Suspects (1995) Let’s do a thought experiment. Evil exists all over the world. With the exception of those evils that come from fragile human bodies colliding with such impersonal forces as volcanoes, typhoons and the general laws of physics, … Continue reading

The Need for a Common Enemy

A recent Al-Jazeera article illustrates the benefits of a common enemy in turbulent times. A small Lebanese village, Shebaa, on the border of the Israel-occupied Golan Heights and Syria, contains all the ingredients for combustion, yet shows no signs of igniting. The population is largely Sunni, with incursions of militant Islamist groups and recently, Syrian … Continue reading