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First day on new program and all I have is a blooper

As you know, I’ve been trying, as a public service, to do funny animated videos that encourage critical thinking. As it turns out, It’s Not as Easy as I Thought (another great title for an autobiography.) After much work, I thought it was good to go, but who knew guests had such fragile egos? Not … Continue reading

Free Bloovie (Mook? Vook?) to Share with Kids

On the advice of a ten year-old, I turned several of my kid’s books into comics. Though it took months, the ten year-old in question, at least, enjoyed the result. But in my never-ending quest to stay broke, I decided to turn a story into a book-movie and give it away for free. Perhaps you … Continue reading

I don’t know how to sell books

How are you doing today? Good, I hope. Are you a good sales person? I really suck at it. A friend came over and I gave him my two new books, “Little Smarties Comics” (Critical Thinking for Beginning Readers) He reached in his wallet and I said, “Oh no, I want to give them to … Continue reading

No, kids are NOT getting dumber.

I often hear that we humans are being deliberately “dumbed down” by nefarious forces who prefer for us to be dumb. They are doing this by chemtrails and flouride in the water and TV-maybe by vaccines and GMOs. Now the people saying these things are NOT dumbed down apparently, because they have the scoop on … Continue reading

Revenge of the Abandoned Author

Little Smarties Comics: Critical Thinking for Beginning Readers Three months to complete two comic books with three stories each. That may not seem like a long time, but keep in mind that most of the stories have a 50-word vocabulary. About a month of that time has been proofing, changing, fixing screw-ups. The terrible part … Continue reading

The Three Weirdos: Are Authors like their characters?

I’m just finishing up The Three Weirdos, a critical thinking comic book for beginner readers. I have particularly enjoyed Ono, the crazy-brave mouse. This made me wonder if Ono is my alter-ego-and if, therefore, I am a weirdo. Well I did grow up as the only girl among four brothers and a dozen boy cousins. … Continue reading

Are emotions contagious?

A privacy group has sued Facebook for manipulating news feeds to test for emotional contagion. Emotional contagion is simply the spreading of emotional states from person to person and we don’t have to have a PhD to know that that happens. But why would somebody want to have research on how to do it? Well, … Continue reading

Left/Right, With us/Against us, Globalism/Nationalism: Why only two choices?

When any argument rages for decades, it’s because both sides have some truth and neither has it all. “You’re either for us or for the terrorists,” George Bush said. “Pick one.” “It’s either the nation or the workers of the world,” the communists said, “Pick one.” “It’s either science or religion,” say many today, “Pick … Continue reading

Epistemology or You Don’t Know Jack

I’m in the middle of my third picture book for beginning readers, in the Critical Thinking Series. This one is on the philosophical question “How do I know anything?” aka epistemology. This is a very important question with a very startling answer. Rene Descartes, the Father of Modern Philosophy, said, “I think therefore I am.” … Continue reading

The Universal Human Trait of Being Just a Bit Bad

I think it is very cool that joking and laughing are human universals, according to anthropologist Donald Brown in his study of cultures from around the world and throughout time. How can we ever be overcome when we can laugh? How can we bomb each other when we know that we all tell jokes? I … Continue reading