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Creativity and Coronavirus

Creativity and Coronavirus I’ve always said humans are born creative and it’s not only for fashion and home decorating but for survival. When I teach art, beginners say they are not creative and I try to convince them that they are; what they really mean is, they lack skill. But any artistic skill is the … Continue reading

Creativity: In the Zone

How is your week going? Good, I hope. Ever get working on a creative project and slip into The Zone? It’s a little like the Twilight Zone, beyond space and time, where your hands obey your imagination and you cross some sort of boundary. I am aware that the boundary is sometimes called Sanity, but … Continue reading

Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back

I agree with Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” So I teach a class for Adults Who Want Their Crayons Back and it’s always both fun and exhausting. I started out teaching basics: form, perspective, color theory and all that-figured we’d work our way … Continue reading

Blessed are the Creatives

Blessed are the Creatives, the artists, poets, musicians and writers. Obviously, “blessed” does not mean the same thing as financially rewarded, but then I never met a Creative who would trade creativity for whatever skills, say, an accountant needs. Patience? Love of detail? Pleasure in perfect sums? Yesterday I was playing with paintings I made … Continue reading

I finished the new book but forgot to get groceries

How have you been? Good, I hope. I’ve been away to a stone age island in Polynesia, (in my imagination) writing As the Sparks Fly Upward, a tale of romance, religion, politics and mostly humans being human, which is always a hilarious condition. I was supposed to go get groceries this morning and I meant … Continue reading

Artists, Poets, Writers, Musicians…this one’s for you

I write a separate blog, Truth Scooper, that is much more political than this one. I know most people just want to stay alive and are too busy doing so to change the world. But today’s Truth Scooper post is about the power of imagination in geopolitics, so artists, poets and writers and musicians might … Continue reading

I Wanna Go Where Everybody Knows My Name

You may remember the TV show “Cheers,” whose theme song contained the line, “I wanna go where everybody knows my name.” Of course we want to go to such a place. And imagine if, when we walk in, everybody jumps up in joy because we have arrived. Well, that doesn’t happen very often, except maybe … Continue reading

I Want My Crayons Back

When Queen Elizabeth asked her economists why none of them saw the crash of 2008 coming, they were taken aback and didn’t answer for a few days. Then they said that they had had a “failure of imagination.” You would think, then, that economics majors would be required to take some art classes so they … Continue reading

How is your week going? great, I hope!

I am very aware that real humans beings like you follow this blog. First, thank you! Second, how it your week going? I’m not asking to be polite; I’d really like to know. Are you a creative type? If so, you know how it is to be in the grip of a project. I have … Continue reading

The Legend of Jack Napkin

Sitting at the Thanksgiving table, surrounded by grand children, thinking, “Life doesn’t get any better than this…” Maddy age 7: “Neena! You have sweet potato on your fingers.” Me: “Oh, no, whatever can I do?” Maddy: “Get a napkin, silly.” Me: “What is a napkin?” Maddy: “They’re right on the counter. You use them to … Continue reading